Tesla At Dundrum Town Centre

The Tesla Model XThe Tesla Model X
The Tesla Model X

Tesla will be at Dundrum Town Centre from December 10th-16th to showcase the Model S and Model X.

Visitors to Dundrum Town Centre can schedule a test drive, learn about the most advanced active safety and convenience features, and how to charge a Tesla at home or on the road.

For those considering switching to an electric car, Tesla agents will be available to help shoppers understand how an electric vehicle can fit into their lifestyle.

The Tesla Model S all-electric sedan is the brand’s best known model and reset the world’s expectations for electric vehicles with its long range and over-the-air software updates.

The Tesla Model X is an all wheel drive electric SUV with a 100 kWh battery providing 565 kilometres of range and ample seating for seven adults and their gear.

Don Nugent, Centre Director of Dundrum Town Centre says, “We’re very excited to have the Tesla Experience at Dundrum Town Centre, giving shoppers the novel opportunity to explore the technology and benefits of both Tesla models while doing their Christmas shopping. It’s no secret that electric cars are the future and we’re delighted to have this showcase representing the most cutting edge of all electric car brands.”

The Tesla Experience is situated on Level 1 of Dundrum Town Centre outside House of Fraser.

The Tesla Model SThe Tesla Model S
The Tesla Model S

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